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Lessons with Pinnacle Stables

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Instructors focus on effective communication between the horse and the rider. Whether you are taking lessons on your horse(s) or ours, learning effective communication is a necessity when operating a horse! We instill the effectiveness of understanding the proper cues, riding positions, and communication between the rider and mount. They successfully accommodate the serious equine professionalism in several different disciplines, the weekend hobby horse person, and family equine enthusiasts alike.


Lessons are customized to your interests, ability, and past experiences. Next, they are met with new goals and strengthened with a solid foundation of knowledge. Lessons can be done either in the arena and/or on the trail.


Pricing for One Hour Arena/Trail Lesson

1 rider - $65

2+ riders - $55.00/person

Lesson Package of 10 - $550.00

**Packages may be broken into 2 payments to make on or before the first and fifth lesson

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