Performance Training at Pinnacle Stables Eagleville

Jason Lancaster and Marie Bass pride themselves on the resistance-free training program helping horses reach their full potential while helping owners to achieve their own personal competition goals. Jason's program emphasizes control of all body parts, connection to the feet, and instills confidence in both the horse and the rider.


Whether you're looking for lessons, foundation training, or finish work to get you to the next level... Within thirty days, you will be able to ride your horse in all three gaits, move front end and hindquarters, back up your horse, trailer load and beginning sidepass. 

5x a week for 30 days (with  a stall)  - $750
5x a week for 30 days (without a stall)  - $650

Located in Christiana, TN


  • tame the stang, mustang, horseback r
  • tame the stang, mustang, horseback r

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