Our Philosophy at Pinnacle Stables Christiana

At Pinnacle, our training and lessons are built on respect, communication and trust rather than fear and intimidation. Thus leading to horses being happier, less resistant to new concepts and better able to work to their full potential. Horses are natural followers who look for fair, reliable consistent leaders. Having a fair, just leader helps the horse to feel safe and lets him relax.

Our teaching philosophy is rooted in teaching students to work with a horse’s natural motion and instincts. This begins with balanced seat riding. No matter what type of saddle the horse wears or the style of riding you choose, a balanced seat creates safety and comfort for both horse and rider. We also teach communication through subtle body language that the horse understands and correctly interprets. These techniques help riders understand and appreciate their role as partner and not passenger.

Located in Christiana, TN


  • tame the stang, mustang, horseback r
  • tame the stang, mustang, horseback r

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