Training with Pinnacle Stables Christiana

All training is resistance-free with the emphasis on both the horse's safety and the riders. In thirty days, the rider will be able to ride their horse in all three gaits, move horse's front end and hindquarters, and back their horse. In addition, the rider will be able to trailer load their horse and beginning side-pass. Your horse will also be desensitized to most trail obstacles including: 

  • Rough and steep terrain 

  • Bridge crossings

  • Water and deep mud crossings

  • Cars, four-wheelers, motorcycles

  • Dogs, deer, turkey

  • Step-ups and drop-offs

  • Tarps and other day to day run-ins


5x a week for 30 days (with stall) - $750

5x a week for 30 days (without stall) - $650


*Please call for special pricing regarding maintenance rides or to custom build a package specific to your needs. 

Located in Christiana, TN


  • tame the stang, mustang, horseback r
  • tame the stang, mustang, horseback r

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